Custom Craft is the world’s best-selling shutter material. Crafted from an environmentally conscious engineered timber composite, coated with a medical-grade polypropylene finish, this product stands apart with its commitment to sustainability. Custom Craft boasts an eco-friendly profile, entirely devoid of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or harmful chemicals. Its remarkable durability and exceptional insulating properties ensure that it not only enhances the energy efficiency of your home, but also maintains its pristine appearance over time. It’s high heat tolerance ensures no splitting, cracking or warping and the UV stabilised coating protects against discolouration.

Manufactured with precision in Queensland, Custom Craft's material is purposefully engineered to endure the challenging Australian climate. Its robust construction is tailor-made to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a trusted choice for those seeking longevity and resilience in their window treatment solutions. Offering innovative features like invisible tilt control and an extensive range of blades sizes and colours, Custom Craft combines functionality with aesthetics, providing homeowners with an enduring, high-value investment for their home.