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Timbershades Plantation Shutter Installations

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Timbershades Plantation Shutter Installations

We at Timbershades feel very fortunate to have a group of amazing installers. When you purchase Plantation Shutters the success of the job is going to depend on two major factors. One, is the product you are purchasing a quality product and two, is the installation of the Plantation Shutters done well.


There are many cheap, sub-standard products available on the market and it is often difficult to pick whether you are getting a good one or not in a sales situation. Some ways to ascertain what you are getting would be to look into things like, how long has the company you are dealing with been around? Do they use a known manufacturer for the supply of their shutters? What are their ratings like? With ratings it is important to look to see what the majority of reviews say. Anyone can have one good review and most everyone has at least one bad review. So what do the majority say?


The second major factor in a successful Plantation Shutter purchase is the quality and skill of the installation. This is a difficult area. Plantation Shutters can be installed by lots of people. We even have some clients that do it themselves. Not many mind you. But as every window or opening is generally out  of square, and Plantations Shutters are naturally made square, they cannot generally just be put into the opening and screwed down. Quite often there is a bit of custom work required to get the best out of the job.


We have tried using contractors for installations and this has not proven to be the best option. The installers we have now are all Timbershades Trained Employees. This is the method we have found to work the best. It is a time consuming and an expensive way to do it. Our guys start off working as an offsider to one of our senior installers. They get used to handling shutters and they observe the installation process for 4-5 months. Then they will begin to do some simple installations on their own. Each of these installations is then checked by the senior installer to ensure that the quality is up to speed. If its not, then the new installer is shown what he did wrong and is taught how to correct it. After months of this process we begin to send out our newer installers on their own. Our jobs have A, B and C ratings depending on their difficulty. Our new guys start out on their own with A jobs and eventually when they have developed their skills to the point necessary, they will progress to harder jobs. So we at Timbershades are as interested in the quality of the installation as we are in the quality of the product range we sell. This makes for successful Plantation Shutter purchases for our clients.