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Where can I use Plantation Shutters and Blinds?

Plantation Shutters and Blinds offer versatile installation options, making them suitable for windows, doors, and as room dividers. These products can be utilised both indoors and outdoors in your home or office. Every Plantation Shutter is individually crafted and can be customised to complement various architectural features, such as port holes, arches, bay windows, and other unique shapes and sizes. Additionally, our Blinds are tailored to perfectly fit your windows, ensuring both a stylish appearance and optimal functionality.

Aren’t they all too expensive?

Timbershades' range of Plantation Shutters and Blinds provides a diverse selection of options and pricing. While Plantation Shutters are positioned at the higher end of the price spectrum, within this category, there is a range of product choices from more economical products to higher grade products. On the other hand, our vast range of Blind options offer more budget-friendly alternatives to Plantation Shutters. Many of our clients discover that a combination of these products best suits their preferences and budgetary considerations.

How long do Shutters and Blinds Last?

Timbershades have been servicing the Sydney community for over 40 years. We have clients that purchased our Shutters in our first few years of business that are still enjoying those same Shutters today. We now offer a full range of Shutter and Blind materials to suit every budget and desired lifespan. We suggest that an entry level product would have a lifespan of 3-5 years, a mid-range product would last 5-10 years, and a high-grade product would last 25+ years. Our highly knowledgeable team can tailor the best solution to suit your budget and your desired product lifespan.

Do you offer Australian Made Products?

Timbershades offers a range of products that are both imported and Australian Made. Some of our products, such as Roller Blinds and External Awnings, are typically Australian Made whereas other products are typically imported. As the supplier of one of the largest ranges of window furnishings in Australia, we usually have an imported and an Australian Made option for most products. Our expert team can assist you in finding the best product to suit your needs and your budget.

Do you use your own installers?

We find that employing our own in-house installation team enables us to deliver the best results for each of our valued clients. Each window presents a unique challenge, and certain installations can be quite intricate. By relying on our own highly skilled installers, we guarantee that every installation is executed with the utmost precision and professionalism. Our dedicated team consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that every client is not merely satisfied, but absolutely delighted with the impeccable quality of our product installations.

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