Where can I use Plantation Shutters and Blinds?

Timbershades Plantation Shutters and Blinds can be fitted to windows and doors or even used as room dividers. They, depending on the product can be used both inside or outside your home or office. Each Plantation Shutter is custom made and can be shaped to suit port hole styles, arches bay windows and a variety of other shapes and sizes. Each Blind is also made to fit your window providing maximum look and functionality.

Aren’t they all too expensive?

Timbershades range of Plantation Shutters and Blinds offer a wide range options and price. Plantation Shutters are at the top of the price range but even in this product there is a range of product option and price which will bring affordability without sacrificing quality. Other products such as Timber Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds offer a less expensive option to Plantation Shutters but many of our clients find a mix of products suits their needs and budgets. Plantation Shutters at the front, Timber Venetians at the side and Fabric Blinds at the back is a common mix

How long do Shutters and Blinds last?

We have been providing Shutters and Blinds for 25 years in the Australian market. We are now finding that clients are returning to us to have their Plantation Shutters resprayed to refresh the look as the functionality is still great. Timber Venetian Blinds also have a long lifespan. Things like the size, how often they are raised and lowered will have an effect on parts such as the cords but these things are easily replaced after years of use to renew your blind. Fabric Blinds generally carry between a 2 and 5 year warranty. As with any product though, with careful use and care, Blinds and Shutters will give good service over many years.

What does "custom made" mean?

Timbershades has each Plantation Shutter or Blind made from scratch to suit your window or door. We have one of our Sales Team do an initial measurement to provide you with a quote. Then in most situations, one of our fitters will come to do a check measure. This is down to the millimetre and a great deal of experience and expertise is required to deliver the best result. These measurements are then checked and sent to our manufactures who make the Blind or Shutter and in 97% of all jobs, it will fit perfectly into your door or window.

Why are there different blades sizes and shapes in Plantation Shutters and Timber Venetian Blinds?

The traditional Plantation Shutter blade had a Flat profile with a rounded edge. Now the more popular blade would be the Elliptical or Aerofoil Blade. These blades are thicker in the middle and narrower at the edge. In practical terms, the functionality of the Shutter is not affected much by the shape of the blade. The Blade size in both Plantation Shutters and Timber Venetians comes down to a matter of personal choice. Again the degree of privacy and light block is not greatly affected by the size of the blade. The openness and outlook is more controlled by the blade width. Some think a smaller blade gives a more traditional look, but the decision is up to you. Our sales team carry samples of the different blade options and finishes to help with your decision.

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