Our Process

Our Process

Initial Advice

Your first contact with Timbershades will generally be in the form of a phone call or an email. At this initial stage we are happy to answer any questions you might have. We will then take your name, suburb and phone number and will send your details within 1 hour to our Sales and Design Specialist for your area. They will generally call you the same day but, not later than the next business day to book an appointment with you.

Design Consultation

This is where your vision begins to take shape! We find that most people have an idea and a look that they want to achieve. Our specialists have literally gone through this process hundreds of times with people starting in the same position as you. They are able to translate your ideas into a workable solution and can discuss with you the best products and options to achieve your needs. They are there for you and will not try to “up sell” you to a product that suits them. They genuinely want to provide you with the best solution, not the most expensive one. They will bring samples of the various Plantation Shutter materials in our range. They can show you our entire Shutter Colour Range so you can see it in your home and choose the best option. If you are after Fabric or Timber Blinds, they will also have samples of these from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Once products are decided upon, they will do a measure of your openings and provide you with a quote. This is usually within 48 hours but often on the spot.

Measurement & Order

If you decide to go with Timbershades for your Plantation Shutters, Blinds or Awnings, we will then contact you to book a Check Measure. This is one of the most important parts of the process! With the products and colours chosen, you will now have one of our expert installers go over the order with you opening by opening to answer any questions you may have about how it is going to work. If there are any tricky aspects, they will discuss with you how these may be overcome and how it will look. They will then take the final measurements. This process is not just an extra step between your order and installation, it is the step that ensures the greatest possibility of having your window furnishings made and installed as they should be. The difference between a good installation and a bad installation is only millimeters. Our installers have the expertise to achieve the best possible outcome and take great pride in doing so.


For your window furnishings, we use only the best manufacturers in the industry. They must have a proven track record for quality, durability and finish. This has given us a less than 1% failure rate on the products we install. Once your order has been manufactured and delivered to our warehouse, we will contact you to arrange the installation. Most all jobs will be installed within one day. We will book a time with you generally within a 1 hour period so you are not left waiting around for a whole day wondering when the installation will be. We will also tell you what the projected installation time will be. Then our expert installation teams go to work! In most cases the person installing your window furnishings is also the person that did the final measure for them. All of this ensures a great outcome for you. Knowledgeable Service, Quality Product, and Expert Installation!

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