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How to Add Plantation Shutters to Your Home | The Ultimate Guide

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How to Add Plantation Shutters to Your Home | The Ultimate Guide

So you’ve decided to add plantation shutters to your home. Great idea! They’ll instantly add value to your home, lower your energy bills, and even cut down on allergens. Not to mention they look amazing. Follow this complete guide on how to add plantation shutters to your Sunshine Coast home and you’ll get the perfect fit and style.

Step 1: The Initial Consultation

Even if you’re a seasoned DIY’er, you’ll want to consult with an expert either by phone or email to get the basics down. If this is your first time getting plantation shutters, they’re probably a lot different than what you’re used to. Your initial consultation will usually be via phone or email. From there, you need to choose the perfect design…

Step 2: Shape Your Vision

A design consultant can help bring your vision to life by providing intricate design advice and tips on the latest styles. Plantation shutters fit well with just about any decor, but there are so many options to choose from that you want to be sure you get the perfect fit. At the design consultation, your consultant will bring fabrics, colours, timber, and anything other samples and show you how they’ll fit with your home style.

Step 3: Measure and Order

While you can measure yourself, it’s best to leave it to installation teams that have done it all before. That way, you ensure you get a snug fit. Even well-made windows can be “non-square,” making it extremely difficult to fit shutters over them.

If you do want to DIY, here’s what to do:

  • Measure the width and height of your windows
  • Measure your windows in an “X” form. If the measurements are more than 3/8ths difference, they are non-square, and this may require tricky installation

Step 4: Installation

The difference between good and bad installation is mere millimetres. While installing might only seem like a bit of measuring and mounting (and drilling holes), it’s a lot trickier than that. If you want to add plantation shutters to your home, it’s best to choose professionals. Our professional installation teams at Timber Shades will arrive within a designated 1-hour time frame, adjust the shades if necessary, install them properly, and be gone in no time.

If you want to add plantation shutters to your home, it’s as easy as reaching out to your nearest shutter solution centre, consulting with designers, taking the measurements, and having an expert team install them. At Timber Shades Sunshine Coast and Sydney, the whole process takes no time at all and is completely stress-free.

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