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Timbershades is Now Servicing the Sunshine Coast!

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Timbershades is Now Servicing the Sunshine Coast!

Timbershades is Now Servicing the Sunshine Coast!

After 3 decades of helping Sydney and Brisbane find the perfect shutters, Timber Shades is proud to announce that we are now serving the Sunshine Coast. Since our blinds and shutters are the perfect window treatment for beating the heat, we thought the area could use a little help escaping the sunshine!

Since the 1980’s, Timber Shades has been a pioneer and leader in the Australian timber window furnishing market. After establishing ourselves in all of the major cities on the Eastern Seaboard (we are proud to say we are used by high-end interior designers in all of the capital cities) we realized that we were not serving some of our most needed customers.

We are now serving the entire Sunshine Coast including the communities of Nambour, Maleny, Caloundra, and Noosa Heads!

Who Are We?

Timber Shades is a home-grown Australian window furnishing company that specialises in high-quality, durable, and practical window furnishings.

Unlike most companies that import cheap materials and manufacture cookie cutter blinds, shutters, and shades, we deliver decadent window furnishings that improve your home’s curb appeal, protect your home from the elements, lower your bills, and last for years.

Our reps work directly with each of our clients to design, measure, and install all of the products that we sell, ensuring you get the best fit.

What started as a small operation out of a father and his son’s own home has grown into the leading window furnishing company in Australia. It’s been a long road, but our commitment to quality and customer service has made our company grow and continue to strive for greater things.

Why Timber Shades for the Sunshine Coast?

Shutters and blinds provide year-round benefits for homeowners, especially in communities that get a lot of sun. The Sunshine Coast gets its name for good reason—the summer sun is cruel!

We had a lot of customers coming into Brisbane and other locations complaining that their bills were too high, and when they didn’t run their AC, their homes would be too hot to bare, even if they were on the beach.

Our products, especially plantation shutters, are the perfect solution for homes that get a lot of sunlight. Not only do they help you control the flow of sunlight (and your level of privacy), they also:

  • Lower your electric bills by keeping out the sun’s UV rays
  • Are easily maintained
  • Last for years
  • Add value to your home
  • And look awesome!

After 3 decades of growth in Australia’s largest and most vibrant cities, we are finally servicing the areas that need us most. The Sunshine Coast can now turn to Timber Shades for all of their custom window furnishing needs. Contact us today for your free design consultation!