Timbershades Plantation Shutter Installations

We at Timbershades feel very fortunate to have a group of amazing installers. When you purchase Plantation Shutters the success of the job is going to depend on two major factors. One, is the product you are purchasing a quality product and two, is the installation of the Plantation Shutters done well.


There are many cheap, sub-standard products available on the market and it is often difficult to pick whether you are getting a good one or not in a sales situation. Some ways to ascertain what you are getting would be to look into things like, how long has the company you are dealing with been around? Do they use a known manufacturer for the supply of their shutters? What are their ratings like? With ratings it is important to look to see what the majority of reviews say. Anyone can have one good review and most everyone has at least one bad review. So what do the majority say?


The second major factor in a successful Plantation Shutter purchase is the quality and skill of the installation. This is a difficult area. Plantation Shutters can be installed by lots of people. We even have some clients that do it themselves. Not many mind you. But as every window or opening is generally out  of square, and Plantations Shutters are naturally made square, they cannot generally just be put into the opening and screwed down. Quite often there is a bit of custom work required to get the best out of the job.


We have tried using contractors for installations and this has not proven to be the best option. The installers we have now are all Timbershades Trained Employees. This is the method we have found to work the best. It is a time consuming and an expensive way to do it. Our guys start off working as an offsider to one of our senior installers. They get used to handling shutters and they observe the installation process for 4-5 months. Then they will begin to do some simple installations on their own. Each of these installations is then checked by the senior installer to ensure that the quality is up to speed. If its not, then the new installer is shown what he did wrong and is taught how to correct it. After months of this process we begin to send out our newer installers on their own. Our jobs have A, B and C ratings depending on their difficulty. Our new guys start out on their own with A jobs and eventually when they have developed their skills to the point necessary, they will progress to harder jobs. So we at Timbershades are as interested in the quality of the installation as we are in the quality of the product range we sell. This makes for successful Plantation Shutter purchases for our clients.

Plantation Shutters vs Roller Shades: Which are Best for Sunshine Coast Homes?

If you’ve found this article, you’re probably wondering whether or not you should invest in plantation shutters or roller shades. One thing is for sure—if you live in the Sunshine Coast region, you need to upgrade from traditional blinds and curtains. But which upgrade should you choose? Both have their pros and cons, so we took a thorough look and came up with a verdict for you.


Stylish, efficient, flexible—wooden window furnishings are vastly superior to your average curtains or blinds. And they pay back major dividends over time.

We’ve compared roller shades and plantation shutters to see which ones win out…the choice is ultimately yours though!


But first, let’s cover the basics:


  • Plantation shutters: Are either made of wood or faux wood and fit on your window (either internally or externally). They are designed with wooden planks (called louvers) that can easily be adjusted for light and privacy.
  • Roller shutters: Are also wooden shutters, but they lock onto your windows and roll down. They don’t open from the sides but rather slide down from their fixture to cover your window.


Category 1: Style


Roller shutters come in a variety of styles and colours, but it’s hard to measure up to the style, grace, and decadence of plantation shutters. Their classic look allows them to seamlessly blend in with any style or decor, and they look great wide open or closed.


Their flexible nature means they can come in more styles and colours than typical shutters, and their adjustable settings make them the perfect accessory for any home.


Verdict: Plantation shutters.


Category 2: Energy Efficiency


With rising energy prices and more environmental awareness, Australian homeowners are searching for new and more creative ways to cool their homes. Shutters can lock over your windows, effectively blocking the sunlight and reflecting its UV rays.


Both roller shutters and plantation shutters do a great job of keeping your home cool and your energy bills low, so this one is a draw!


Verdict: Tie.


Category 3: Security


Roller shutters are very closely fitted to your windows. And, the fact that they roll upwards rather than opening outwards makes them extremely secure.


However, the main advantage here is that they act as a deterrent. Would-be intruders don’t like the look of a fully closed off home with roller shutters. Plain and simple. Once they are locked in the closed position, there’s very little chance of getting in.


That doesn’t mean that plantation shutters aren’t secure, too. It just means roller shutters are superior.


Verdict: Roller shutters.


Category 4: Light Control and Privacy


The good news about both types of shutters is that they can completely block out the sun for maximum light control and privacy. If we had to choose, we’d say plantation shutters are the superior option due to their flexibility and ease of control. In our opinion, they also look a lot better when compared directly. Even in the fully closed position, you can open the louvers fairly easily to let some extra sunlight in, and it still makes the home look stylish and sophisticated.


Verdict: Plantation shutters.


When it comes to plantation shutters vs roller shutters for your Sunshine Coast home, you really can’t go wrong with either. However, plantation shutters are the superior option in our opinion. Their level of style, flexibility, and practicality can’t be matched by any other window furnishing. Contact Timber Shades today for your free design consultation and get the ball rolling on lower bills, more privacy, and greater style.

How to Add Plantation Shutters to Your Home | The Ultimate Guide

So you’ve decided to add plantation shutters to your home. Great idea! They’ll instantly add value to your home, lower your energy bills, and even cut down on allergens. Not to mention they look amazing. Follow this complete guide on how to add plantation shutters to your Sunshine Coast home and you’ll get the perfect fit and style.


Step 1: The Initial Consultation


Even if you’re a seasoned DIY’er, you’ll want to consult with an expert either by phone or email to get the basics down. If this is your first time getting plantation shutters, they’re probably a lot different than what you’re used to. Your initial consultation will usually be via phone or email. From there, you need to choose the perfect design…


Step 2: Shape Your Vision


A design consultant can help bring your vision to life by providing intricate design advice and tips on the latest styles. Plantation shutters fit well with just about any decor, but there are so many options to choose from that you want to be sure you get the perfect fit. At the design consultation, your consultant will bring fabrics, colours, timber, and anything other samples and show you how they’ll fit with your home style.


Step 3: Measure and Order


While you can measure yourself, it’s best to leave it to installation teams that have done it all before. That way, you ensure you get a snug fit. Even well-made windows can be “non-square,” making it extremely difficult to fit shutters over them.


If you do want to DIY, here’s what to do:


  • Measure the width and height of your windows
  • Measure your windows in an “X” form. If the measurements are more than 3/8ths difference, they are non-square, and this may require tricky installation


Step 4: Installation


The difference between good and bad installation is mere millimetres. While installing might only seem like a bit of measuring and mounting (and drilling holes), it’s a lot trickier than that. If you want to add plantation shutters to your home, it’s best to choose professionals. Our professional installation teams at Timber Shades will arrive within a designated 1-hour time frame, adjust the shades if necessary, install them properly, and be gone in no time.


If you want to add plantation shutters to your home, it’s as easy as reaching out to your nearest shutter solution centre, consulting with designers, taking the measurements, and having an expert team install them. At Timber Shades Sunshine Coast and Sydney, the whole process takes no time at all and is completely stress-free.


Contact us today for your free design consultation!

Why Plantation Shutters Are Perfect for the Sunshine Coast

From pristine beaches and breathtaking natural wonders to award-winning cuisine and exciting nightlife, the Sunshine Coast is perfect year-round to explore, plant roots, and settle down. But year-round sun isn’t always a good thing. High energy bills and a lack of privacy cause Australian homeowners to waste thousands of dollars trying to beat the heat. Now, there’s a better solution, and it can save you money every month and make your home more stylish, comfortable, and valuable: plantation shutters.


Do you live north of Brisbane? If so, you’ve probably had a few of these problems:


  • Do you spend too much on cooling your home in summer?
  • Does the sun ruin your blinds or shutters in just a few short seasons?
  • Does the constant sunlight make it hard to have any privacy in your home during the day?


If so, Timber Shades Sunshine Coast has the solution for you.


Here’s how durable, Australian-made shutters can solve your issues and make life way more comfortable:


If you have high bills….


Energy costs keep rising, and Sunshine Coast homes require a lot more cooling than the average Aussie home. All of the sunshine beats directly on your home year-round, and most shutters trap the sun’s ultraviolet rays in the home and increase the heat exponentially.


Plantation shutters are specially designed to reflect the sun’s rays, keeping your home cool to the point you won’t even need your air conditioner.


It’s like you two were made for each other!


If you struggle with controlling your lighting…


Don’t get us wrong, we love sunshine as much as the next Aussie, but with all that sun coming in, it can be hard to get any privacy. It’s especially difficult if you live in a popular beach tourism town.


With shutters that encompass your entire window, you’ll be able to completely lock out prying eyes and the rays of the sun so you get maximum comfort and privacy. The best part is that you can control the light completely—you can choose as much or as little as you want.


When your shutters are made from durable timber, they don’t let any light through unless you want them to.


If you’re constantly replacing blinds or struggling to keep them clean…


All that sun will wear down your blinds, curtains, and shutters over time, and when the sun is intense, it might only take a few seasons (or only one!).


Durable plantation shutters made of high-quality wood will last years if properly maintained.


Also, they are extremely easy to clean. The wood (or faux wood if you choose), can be cleaned in just one wipe of a cloth.


Plantation shutters fit any style in any home but go great in the wide open spaces of the Sunshine Coast. If you’re looking for a way to lower your energy bills, save time, and finally get some privacy, contact Timber Shades for a free design consultation today!

Beat the Sunshine Coast Heat with Plantation Shutters for Your Home

Australian summers are like paradise on Earth. Except when the Sunshine Coast sun is beating straight down on you and emptying your wallet to pay your AC bills. Plantation shutters are one of the best ways to instantly add style and curb appeal to a home, but did you know that they can also SIGNIFICANTLY lower your electricity bills?


As energy prices continue to rise, homeowners in the Sydney and Sunshine Coast region are looking for new and more creative ways to lower their home cooling bills.


Did you know that according to government studies, homes lose up to 30% of their energy through the windows? That means if you have regular curtains or blinds, you’re letting 1/3rd of your energy escape every day, causing your AC to work harder (and increasing your bills).


There’s an easy, cost-effective solution that can DRASTICALLY reduce your bills every month:



What Are Plantation Shutters?


They are a type of window treatment made of wood (or faux wood). The shutters are made with adjustable horizontal panels (or louvers) mounted on a solid frame. They can be placed in a locked position that completely covers your windows.


Plantation shutters are a lot like traditional blinds, except that they are made of solid materials that can completely block out the sun. The key here is their ultraviolet protection.


Most traditional blinds absorb UV rays (the sun’s strongest) into the home, raising the level of heat. Wooden shutters actually reflect the rays, protecting the home and maintaining a cooler temperature. It’s important that you get high-quality, durable shutters since UV rays are so strong. The better your window treatments, the longer they will last and the lower your bills will be.


The Advantages of Plantation Shutters


Instead of putting your AC on high and trying to beat the East Coast sun the hard way, shutters sunshine coast make it easy.


  • You’re in complete control: With shutters, you’re in complete control of the air and sunlight flow. But remember, they are most effective when kept closed all day.
  • Maximum insulation: The wooden louvers lock in place, completely blocking the sun and keeping your home cool all day. No more sighs when you walk in from a long day to a sauna!
  • Easy to maintain: Unlike shades, curtains or blinds, plantation shutters only need to be wiped down quickly with a cloth every once in a while.
  • Fit seamlessly into any style: With elegant designs and a classic feel, your shutters can fit into any old, modern, or alternative home decor.


You don’t have to pay high energy bills to beat the heat on the Sunshine Coast. Durable plantation shutters from Timber Shades will instantly lower your bills and improve your comfort as soon as you have them installed. Contact us today for a FREE design consultation!

Timbershades is Now Servicing the Sunshine Coast!

Timbershades is Now Servicing the Sunshine Coast!


After 3 decades of helping Sydney and Brisbane find the perfect shutters, Timber Shades is proud to announce that we are now serving the Sunshine Coast. Since our blinds and shutters are the perfect window treatment for beating the heat, we thought the area could use a little help escaping the sunshine!


Since the 1980’s, Timber Shades has been a pioneer and leader in the Australian timber window furnishing market. After establishing ourselves in all of the major cities on the Eastern Seaboard (we are proud to say we are used by high-end interior designers in all of the capital cities) we realized that we were not serving some of our most needed customers.


We are now serving the entire Sunshine Coast including the communities of Nambour, Maleny, Caloundra, and Noosa Heads!


Who Are We?


Timber Shades is a home-grown Australian window furnishing company that specialises in high-quality, durable, and practical window furnishings.


Unlike most companies that import cheap materials and manufacture cookie cutter blinds, shutters, and shades, we deliver decadent window furnishings that improve your home’s curb appeal, protect your home from the elements, lower your bills, and last for years.


Our reps work directly with each of our clients to design, measure, and install all of the products that we sell, ensuring you get the best fit.


What started as a small operation out of a father and his son’s own home has grown into the leading window furnishing company in Australia. It’s been a long road, but our commitment to quality and customer service has made our company grow and continue to strive for greater things.


Why Timber Shades for the Sunshine Coast?


Shutters and blinds provide year-round benefits for homeowners, especially in communities that get a lot of sun. The Sunshine Coast gets its name for good reason—the summer sun is cruel!


We had a lot of customers coming into Brisbane and other locations complaining that their bills were too high, and when they didn’t run their AC, their homes would be too hot to bare, even if they were on the beach.


Our products, especially plantation shutters, are the perfect solution for homes that get a lot of sunlight. Not only do they help you control the flow of sunlight (and your level of privacy), they also:


  • Lower your electric bills by keeping out the sun’s UV rays
  • Are easily maintained
  • Last for years
  • Add value to your home
  • And look awesome!


After 3 decades of growth in Australia’s largest and most vibrant cities, we are finally servicing the areas that need us most. The Sunshine Coast can now turn to Timber Shades for all of their custom window furnishing needs. Contact us today for your free design consultation!

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