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Basswood is an Imported Internal use shutter, decorative and sturdy and allows for both the traditional and modern shutter look.

It is a durable hardwood and comes with a variety of flat and elliptical blade sizes.

Timber Venetian Blinds, Plantation Shutters, Timber Venetian Blinds, Baswood Shutterss

  •   60 – Flat Flat,Plantation Shutters Sydney, Venetian blinds, Plantation Shutters, blinds Sydney
  •   63 – Elliptical Elliptical, blinds Sydney, Plantation Shutters,blinds Brisbane, Window Blinds
  •   84 – Flat Flat, Window Blinds,Fabric Roller Blinds,Plantation Shutters, Window Blinds
  •   89 – Elliptical Elliptical, Timber Venetian Blinds, Plantation Shutters,Blinds shutters, Venetian blinds
  • 114 – Elliptical Elliptical Venetian blinds, Window Blinds, Plantation Shutters Sydney, aluminium shutters
  • 16 Paints + Custom paints & 13 Stains are available
  • 1095mm
  • 3000mm