Roman blinds or wooden blinds, Timbershades saves the best for you

Curtains and blinds are the basic component of residential and office space. Not only do we provide protection but also add aesthetic appeal to interior surroundings.

Today we have become a style factor enhancing the look of any surrounding. And the best part is the variety of blinds and curtains available in the market, such as Roman blinds, Wooden blinds, Window blinds etc.

However, with options galore comes the confusion. To make your choices and decisions easier, Timbershades, an Australia based company, provide services across the nation and have stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We offer expertise and guidance in selecting the right kind of shade for your home or office.

Roman blinds can easily be used indoors and outdoors. Some patios and gazebos are designed to be covered with Roman blinds which can be raised and lowered to control the temperature and light level. In hot climates, it’s an advantage which allows people to enjoy the outdoors without roasting in the sun. These blinds may be made from more durable fabrics or from materials like bamboo mats which will withstand the outdoor elements.

Roman blinds can be designed to fit inside or over a window frame, depending on personal taste. Other aspects which need attention is the colour or pattern of the fabric, the texture of the fabric, and issues such as UV resistance, washability, and level of opacity.

Wooden blinds are adjustable window coverings made from wood. A number of different styles of blind can be made from wooden slats, with venetian blinds being among the most common. Timbershades also provide wooden blinds by request from customers, and people can also order them directly from them. Custom made products are also available if you need wooden blinds of an unusual size or shape to address a non-standard window.

You can dress your window with wooden blinds for privacy. Wooden blinds are designed to create privacy by obscuring a window so that people have difficulty looking in. They also contribute to energy efficiency by acting as insulators to prevent heat loss or to help keep rooms cool.

Take advantage of the experienced Reps and Fitters at Timbershades and get the best advice, options or liaise directly with your architect or builder to help create the best result, using the correct materials and finishes for your individual project.